Portable Ø28mm Rotary Paper Trimmer 30 cm - A4

Item #: 9908
  • Blade carriage displaying cut-line to see where blade will cut. Cuts up to 10 sheets (80 gsm) at once.

  • Anti-wear metric and inch measurements for easy guideline. Landscape format up to A3, portrait format up to A4.

  • Swing-out ruler extends measuring area for larger paper formats (31 cm). Ruler levels to base surface when extended for more accuracy.

  • Rubberised non-slip feet keeps trimmer stable.

  • Transparent finger guard clamps paper and protects from fingerprints.

  • Rail lock for easy storage.

  • Long lasting cutting strip : each side of the strip can be used in 2 different positions = 4 positions before replacing the strip. When worn on one side, flip to use opposite side.

  • Works with 28 mm straight or decorative rotary blades (straight 9907, scoring 9904, perforating 9903, deckle 9906).

  • How to change blades: safe and easy way to change blades : 1 - slide the orange button over and lift carriage lid to open.
    2 - Grasp the orange blade hub and pull it through gently.
    3- Replace the blade aligning the smaller orange hub with the groove inside the carriage. Close the carriage lid and lock.

  • How to change cutting strip : Lift the strip thanks to the notch

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