Xtract™ Garden Saw (S) SW73 (NZ only)
Fiskars Xtract™ Garden Saws

Xtract™ Garden Saw (S) SW73 (NZ only)

Item #: 123870

NZ only

Fiskars Xtract™ Garden Saw (L) SW75 is a highly efficient tree saw designed to cut fresh wood. This is the smallest of the Xtract saws and has a blade length of 160 mm with amore limited sawing capacity up but which nevertheless works for most smaller cuts where a lopper can't go. The design features a handy belt clip which retracts when in use while the SoftGrip™ handle ensures a safe grip. There is also a finger guard which protects fingers from sliding to the blade part during sawing. Its highly sharp blade cuts on the pull stroke.

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223 mm