All-in-one Vinyl Weeding Tool (8895037)

Item #:
  • Fiskars® All-in-one Vinyl Weeding Tool contains a vinyl cutter, a weeder, and a built-in waste receptacle for neater, easier vinyl crafting
  • Cutter, stored at top of tool, features a high-grade steel blade that glides through rolled vinyl and transfer tape
  • Cutter’s SoftGrip™ ring handle doubles as hang hole for easy storage
  • Weeder, stored within the tool, has a hardened steel tip for long-lasting durability
  • Discard negative pieces directly from weeder tip into de-weeding slot to collect in built-in receptacle, non-slip foot holds receptacle steady while de-weeding
  • Rotate cover to dispose of scrap pieces

A must-have tool for anyone who creates with vinyl, the compact Fiskars® All-in-one Vinyl Weeding Tool cuts, weeds and discards negative pieces while keeping your workspace free of clutter. The cutter and weeder are safely stored inside the tool. The cutter features a high-grade steel blade that glides through rolled vinyl or transfer tape and a SoftGrip™ enhanced, ring-style handle that doubles as a hang hole. The weeder's tip is made of durable, hardened stainless steel for weeding negative pieces easily. Use the weeder to directly place negative discard in the de-weeding slot, a built-in receptacle neatly collects them, keeping your worksurface (and your hands!) free from vinyl scraps. When finished, simply rotate the de-weeding cover to dispose of the discarded pieces. The All-in-one Vinyl Weeding Tool features a non-slip foot that holds it in place while discarding vinyl into the de-weeding slot. 

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