Curved Vinyl Alignment Tool (8895035)

Item #:
  • Fiskars® Curved Vinyl Alignment Tool helps you consistently and repeatedly get straight, accurate placement of vinyl on curved surfaces
  • Rubber feet secure the tool onto your work surface without damaging it
  • Bar adjusts up to 1.6 inches to allow for placement at various heights, while arms adjust to hold vinyl sizes up to 5 by 2 inches
  • Accommodates curved surfaces with a diameter range of 1¾ in. – 7¼ in.

Fiskars® Curved Vinyl Alignment Tool horizontally and vertically aligns vinyl for straight, accurate placement on curved surfaces. Ideal for consistent, repeat placement across multiple projects, this tool features rubber feet that grip securely onto curved work surfaces without causing damage. Locking tabs flex to adjust the distance between the feet to fit the diameter of the object, while the adjustment bar adapts for decal placement at varying heights. A crossbar serves as an additional straight reference point, while raised dots on the fingers reduce surface area contact for easy vinyl removal. The adjustment bar and arms also fold under the rail for compact storage. Great for vinyl up to 5 by 2 inches on curved surfaces with a diameter range of 1¾” to 7¼”, this tool works on most transparent, translucent and opaque work surfaces, including glass, ceramic, plastic, metal and more. 

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