How to select an axe

When you choose the right axe for the task — and one that compliments your frame — you optimize your power and agility for felling, kindling, chopping, splitting and more.

1. Axe type: Splitting or universal axe

Fiskars axes can be divided into two categories: splitting axes and universal (felling) axes. Fiskars axes are optimised for each task – choose your axe based on the task at hand.

Splitting axe | Wide, wedged blade

  • Ideal for splitting logs and chopping firewood
  • Wide blade drives into wood thick logs with one strike
  • Perfect for splitting along the grain of the wood
  • Long FiberComp™ handle & shaft is safe and durable

Universal axe | Thin, sharp blade

  • Ideal for felling wood, woodwork, and kindling
  • Thin blade displaces wood for fast, deep chopping
  • Perfect for cutting against the grain of the wood
  • Ergonomically curved handle for a neutral wrist position

2. Splitting axe size: The power of the perfect fit

Fiskars splitting axes come in five different sizes to compliment the diversity of the human body. Find the right axe size and weight for a more enjoyable, efficient and safe experience. Above all, choose an axe size and weight that feels safe and secure to handle.

Measure the length

Test the shaft length by gripping the axe handle just below the blade and holding it out straight across your arm. The shaft should match the length of your arm as show in the picture.

Test the weight

The correctly weighted axe will lift effortlessly with one hand. An axe that is too heavy will be challenging to control, so test out a variety of weights to ensure comfort and command.

Maximize your axe-perience

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Maximize your axe-perience

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