X-series™ X13 ultra light hiking axe

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  • The Fiskars X13 Ultra light hiking axe is ideal for chopping kindling andgeneral camping and hiking tasks
  • New optimal blade design; 15% lighter than other compact X-series™ axes
  • Proprietary blade-grinding provides a sharper edge for superior contact and cleaner cuts
  • Double-hardened, forged steel blade maintains its sharp edge longer
  • Low-friction blade coating glides through wood and protects against rust
  • Safest, undetachable axe head and shaft connection
  • Perfected balance for more efficient chopping with less effort
  • Bright orange FiberComp™ handle is easy-to-spot, incredibly strong and lightweight
  • Included sheath features a belt loop and a reliable locking mechanism for safety while carrying & driving tent stakes with striking end
  • Designed in Billnäs, Finland, building on more than three-and-a-half centuries of the world's famed forged tools
  • Length: 330mm (13 in)
  • 25-year warranty

The X13 Ultra light hiking axe is the lightest of Fiskars X-series™ axes, skillfully designed as an outdoor companion for hiking, backpacking, camping and more. It is masterfully balanced for efficient chopping and sized for extremely easy carrying, stowaway and comfortable single-handed use. Low-friction coating helps the blade glide through wood and offers added rust protection. Its bright orange FiberComp™ handle is incredibly strong and easy-to-spot in the wild. The included sheath allows you to safely use this hiking axe for driving tent stakes into the ground and light striking tasks, plus it includes a convenient belt loop and a reliable locking mechanism.

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