PowerGear™ Steel Bypass Lopper (S) L90

Item #: 112250

PowerGear™ Steel Bypass Lopper (S) L90 is the smallest of the steel loppers but still packs a punch with its winning combinationof aluminium handles and patented PowerGear™ mechanism. Using the incremental gear system, cutting branches is 3,5 times easier compared to standard mechanisms. It does so by maximizing the supply of the power and help especially in the middle of the cut, when most help is needed. The upper blade made from extra hard, corrosion resistant steel that stay sharper for longer. Cutting power is also guaranteed thanks to the non stick PTFE coating on upper blade to reduce friction and make cutting and cleaning easier. The bypass cutting action of this sturdy lopper also insures the branch is easier to reach and the cut cleaner.

Product number
International Article Number (EAN)
451 mm