Powergear Bolt Cutter 610mm

Powergear Bolt Cutter 610 mm
Item #: 500335

- Ideal for cutting a range of heavy-duty materials, including paddle locks, chains, rebar, metal rod, threaded rod and more
- PowerGear® patented technology boasts leverage-enhancing gears that give you over 30% more power when cutting hardened rod, especially during the toughest part of the cut
- Adjustable eccentric bolts allow you to optimize jaw to maintain cut performance over time
- Forged, heat-treated blades stay sharp, even through heavy use
- Ergonomic handles with Softgrip® enhance comfort and control
- Tough steel construction with riveted handles offers lasting durability
- Length: 610mm

Powergear Bolt Cutter 610 mm

Cut paddle locks, chains and rebar with heavy-duty PowerGear® bolt cutters that give you over 30% more power.Experience advanced mechanics and ergonomics with a new generation of bolt cutters that deliver more strength, comfort and control. PowerGear® technology gives you over 30% more power, especially during the toughest part of the cut. An eccentric bolt can be adjusted for optimal jaw alignment, while forged, heat-treated blades stay sharp through heavy use. Ergonomic handles with Softgrip® help to improve comfort and control, while rugged steel construction guarantees long-lasting performance. This design can cut soft materials up to 3/8" and hard materials up to 1/4".

Powergear Bolt Cutter 610mm
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