Meet the new Fiskars X-series™ hiking axe

New, extremely light blade

15% lighter than other compact X-series™ blades, you can easily take this hiking axe on the go while still experiencing exceptional chopping performance.


A bright orange FiberComp™ handle will keep you from leaving your new axe at the campsite.

Innovative and multi-functional

The blade cover provides protection and increases user safety. While the cover is attached, the axe can be used for light striking tasks like driving tent stakes into the ground. The locking hole for the blade cover also functions as a bottle opener – whenever you might need one.

What makes Fiskars axes world famous

Sharp blades (that stay sharp)

Fiskars axe blades feature a unique precision-ground edge for extreme sharpness that more easily penetrates wood. The blades are also double-hardened for optimal strength and longer-lasting sharpness.

Optimized performance

A perfectly balanced axe feels better and flows effortlessly. That’s why our X-series axes are optimized for centre of gravity, naturally increasing your power. Their FiberComp™ shafts are incredibly lightweight, allowing you to keep chopping for longer with your full attention focused on strike accuracy.

Extreme safety & durability

Fiskars axes are virtually unbreakable. Extremely strong FiberComp™ shafts are paired with inseparable head connections and enhanced overstrike protection. This combination prevents all of the common problems associated with axe reliability and stability. Our X-series axes are proudly backed by a 25-year warranty.

X-Series™ axes are ready for anything

Feel confident in choosing Fiskars

Over 370 years of axe expertise

High-quality hand tools and axes have been crafted in the Village of Fiskars since 1649, building on 370 years of axe expertise.

Made in Finland

All Fiskars X-Series™ axes are proudly manufactured with care and expertise in the Billnäs factory in Finland.